Do stained glass windows add value to my house?

Stained glass windows have a varied history, originally found in medieval churches, the origins of stained glass lead all the way back to ancient times.

Stained glass windows and doors are often found in Victorian houses and generally a lot of stained glass windows and doors found in Victorian properties are original although you may find that some have been repaired or even replaced over the years.

Stained glass is a simple concept, lead is soldered together that holds a series of mosaic coloured glass, usually forming a picture of some kind.

So, you’re thinking of investing in some stained glass for your home or wondering if you should have that stained glass repaired that’s been broken for years…

If you’re thinking of investing in stained glass, it’s probably best to go for something traditional in terms of pattern and design.

Something more personal, for example a contemporary piece, may not be to everyones tastes, so when you’re selling your house, the stained glass might not add value to your home, whereas a generic and traditional pattern will fit in better with your property, possibly add that extra value you’re after, feel like it’s been there forever and add more original features.