About us


We’re a Birmingham based stained glass studio, we have over 30 years experience in the installation, design, manufacture, restoration and repair of stained glass windows & doors.

Here at the Stained Glass Door Studio in Birmingham, we’re experts at all things stained glass. At our workshop located in Kings Heath, you can see us working on stained glass doors and stained glass windows; we’re here to offer you advice and guidance on your stained glass choices.

The fine art of stained glass has been in practice since ancient times, it entered a revival period during the 19th century when a lot of ancient buildings were restored to their former beauty. Our team can help you capture some of that ancient beauty in your home using the same techniques that were used over 150 years ago.

Our team supplies hand crafted stained glass to homeowners covering the whole of the UK, aswell as supplying homeowners we also provide repair and restoration services to many of Birminghams many public houses, public buildings and churches.

Our specialist team can manufacture all different types of stained glass, from stained glass door panels to stained glass windows, tailor made and prepared for your exacting needs.