Door Stripping


Door Stripping

If you think it’s time to change your old doors, why not try door stripping before rushing out to purchase something new? Many old doors just require a bit of TLC and once paint removal has been carried out, you may find beautiful wood underneath.

What Is Door Stripping?

Door stripping is the removal of all the layers of paint that have been applied to your doors over the years, revealing the wood underneath. The process has been in practice since the early 1980s and produces excellent results in both uncovering the basic moulding of a door and preparing the surface for a new and more attractive coat of varnish or paint.

Why Choose Professional Door Stripping

Choosing a professional company to handle your door stripping makes sense. It can be a complicated process to attempt paint removal from a door on your own. There may be many layers that have built up over the years and using the incorrect technique or the wrong equipment may damage your door or produce poor results. An expert paint stripping company can use their skills and experience, as well as the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure the highest standards of paint removal.

How Does Door Stripping Work?

Door stripping uses a hot tank stripping system which involves dipping the door into a large tank full of a special substance that can remove all the surface layers of paint and varnish, leaving the door in its original state.

Which Types Of Doors Can Be Stripped?

Although oak and mahogany do not respond well to the hot tank paint stripping procedure and must be stripped by hand, pine works extremely well. Most other types of wood can be stripped effectively. Doors which have been covered in a water based paint or polyurethane varnish cannot be stripped although these are less commonly found on older doors.

How To Prepare Doors For Stripping

If you are having your doors stripped, you will need to remove all handles although you can leave hinges and locks in place. Taking the time to make correlating numbers on door frames and their respective doors will save hassle in the long run when you have to rehang them in the correct locations.