stained glass doors

We supply beautifully crafted stained glass doors and stained glass windows to the whole of the UK. Our stock includes reclaimed doors, Victorian stained glass doors, antique stained glass doors, reclaimed stained glass front doors, stained glass windows and reclaimed stained glass windows. So no matter what style of door or window you’re looking for, we have something to suit your requirements and if not, we can make something, hand crafted, just for you.

stained glass doors birmingham

We work closely with local joiner Chris Chipps, so as well as the standard sized doors we have available, it’s also possible to commission any sized doors, bespoke to your measurements.

All of our doors are solid woods and are made to the highest quality-using mortise and tenon joints, which means your doors will last a lifetime.

Stained glass has been around since ancient times, during the 19th century it entered a revival period, at which time many old building were restored including their stained glass windows.

Our expert team utilises the same methods that were used over 150 years ago, we have restored windows and doors already in stock at our workshop and showroom.

We’re always getting calls about stained glass window repairs and stained glass restoration, if you have some old stained glass windows that are broken or damaged, we’ll be able to restore and repair them using traditional methods. With all of our repairs and restorations we use exacting replacement glass, so you windows look as they did when they were first made. Contact us today and talk to us about your stained glass windows.

At our showroom we have doors that already have the stained glass windows fitted. However if you wanted a custom design to either mirror a design that you already have in your home, we can create a replica design or a new design based on something you’ve seen.

Visit our showroom at 167 Grange Road, Kings Heath, B14 7RX, email us at or call us on 0121 258 4141 to discuss your stained glass windows and stained glass doors.